"One check - but a double purpose",


that was the slogan to illustrate the idea of the "health day" on Sunday, June 17, 2007, in the parish of Seliger Nikolaus Groß.

The members of the parish had opportunities galore to find out how fit they really were: their eyes, ... 

... nose, blood (pressure and sugar) and brain were examined by specialists, they could learn e.g. a lot about herbs and their effect on the human body, they could listen to a doctor lecturing on rheumatism; ... 

... and they could try and taste healthy (and not so healthy) food and drinks.

For the kids their was a special programme where they could e.g. learn what to do after a sunstroke or after an accident and of course play a lot of games.

All this was for free, but donations were welcome (and generously given!) to accomplish the second purpose of the day: supporting Dom Ardian's health project in the mountains of Shllak.

EUR 1.200 can be sent to Albania to help providing people with medicine and first-aid material and maybe pay for a nurse. The day was a great success and we say thank you to all the people involved offering either their expertise or their financial support.


Torsten Brüggestrath